Moving Countdown

8Weeks before the move
If using a professional mover, get estimates and chose one who meets your needs. If moving yourself, get estimates from truck rental companies (find out if boxes & packing material are available). Draw a floor plan of new home and decide placement of furnishings. Use up things that can't be moved- such as food in your freezer. Contact local Chamber of Commerce in new location and start gathering information about your new hometown.

6Weeks before the move
I nventory your possessions: determine what can be sold and what can be donated to charity. Consider a garage sale. Get copies of records from doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, etc. (They may recommend a colleague near your new home). Make arrangements to transfer children's school records. Get change of address kit from post office (remember magazine subscriptions, catalogs, creditors, etc.). Find out from an accountant or IRS about tax-deductible moving expenses: keep accurate records.

4Weeks before the move
Arrange with the mover to do the packing a day or two before the loading of the truck. If moving yourself, determine how many boxes you'll need (many truck rental companies provide this service): add 15% for "non-boxable" items to determine the size of truck. If needed, clean or repair furniture, carpets, curtains, etc... Arrange for storage, if necessary. Transfer personal insurance records. Check homeowners policies to see if moving is covered.

3Weeks before the move
Make travel reservations. Use up food items you won't be moving: Also plan for disposal of aerosols, flammables, cleaning fluids, acids, drain cleaners, etc.. Use them up or give them away. If you are doing the packing, assemble: furniture pads, dolly packing tape, nylon packing string & rope, bubble wrap, Styrofoam "peanuts", newspapers, scissors, utility knife, large self-stick labels, felt tip markers, boxes, and more boxes. Begin packing items you won't be needing. Don't pack too much in an un-re-inforced box. Remember books are heavy

2Weeks before the move
Arrange for transfer of bank accounts to new location. Cancel any direct deposit or automatic payments to bank accounts you are closing. Close or transfer all charge accounts. Make any special arrangements to move pets, such as airline reservations and traveling containers. Ask your vet about the best methods for moving your pet. Have your car checked and serviced: make sure tires are in good shape and fluids are at adequate levels. Arrange to discontinue utilities, delivery services and cable TV.

1Week before the move
Transfer prescriptions to a pharmacy in new location. If necessary, reconfirm travel arrangements. Arrange to have cash, certified check, or money orders to pay driver on delivery day (unless your employer is paying the charges or you've arranged to pay by credit card). Begin packing suitcases. Set aside maps, games, snacks, flashlight, and other items you'll need in car. Gather medicines and important papers (valuables & legal documents) to go with you, not with mover. Pack clothing and toiletries to go with you: pack a day or two's clothes in case of delay. Include a box of first day items. Have the movers pack your shipment. Defrost refrigerator and freezer.

Day of the move
If moving yourself, pick up truck early. If using professional mover, be on hand all day to answer questions, accompany driver during inventory, sign bill of lading, confirm new address and delivery date. Let mover know where you can be reached enroute. Inspect basement, attic, garage, or any out buildings. Make sure you've turned water off, lights are out, no appliances are running and windows are locked, and keys are transferred.

D Day
Be on hand to answer questions, pay the driver, and check off all boxes and items as they come off the truck. Change locks. Make sure utilities are hooked up. Unpack kids toys- but they really enjoy empty boxes and paper. Have useful 1st day items handy like scissors, utility knife and coffee cups. BREATHE!

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