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A Realtor is a juggler, a problem solver, a directory assistant, a researcher, a coordinator- but mostly a friend.

Services and fees vary:

  1. Representing the Seller as the Listing Company.
  2. Representing the Buyer as the Buyer's Agent.  Commission is usually paid by the Seller.  Talk to a Grey's Agent about agency.
  3. Transaction Facilitator.  In this case the Agent represents neither the Buyer nor the Seller and can be paid by both or either.  (An example would be when you as the Seller has found a Buyer and both of you want a Realtor to walk you through the process including writing the contract).  Fee is negotiated.
  4. Relocation assistance.  This is often accomplished when we co-ordinate between you and your company relocation department.  It can also occur when you request help in finding a Realtor in another city when to relocating or searching for a vacation home.
  5. Market Analysis or CMA.  Grey's provides this service as a guide for prospective Sellers to gain insight into market value.
  6. Broker Price Opinion (BPO) is done for lenders to aid them in setting a future price on a home they may acquire. 
  7. Attorneys or heirs sometimes need an opinion of value to close out an estate.
  8. Realtors are sometimes asked to assist in research to help lower property taxes for home owners who believe the local assessment in too high.  Fee is negotiated.
  9. Seniors need advice when moving out of town or to an assisted living facility. Realtors can be a liason with family members, if requested.
  10. Staging advice for listed properties. Staged homes traditionally sell faster and for more money in today's real estate market.
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